Moore Foundation shares findings from grantee perception report

Moore Foundation shares findings from grantee perception report

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation has shared key findings from its 2019 Grantee Perception Report.

Based on a survey of Moore Foundation grantees conducted by the Center for Effective Philanthropy, the sixth grantee perception report commissioned by the foundation since 2004 found that its ratings on most measures trended higher than in 2016, the last time it commissioned CEP to do a report, with significant improvements in its impact on and advancement of knowledge in grantees' fields; overall quality of its relationships with grantees and responsiveness of staff; clarity of its communication around its goals and strategies; and overall transparency and openness to ideas. 

The report summary (6 pages, PDF) highlights areas in which the foundation could improve, including expanding opportunities to provide valuable non-monetary support; providing more support to grantees in the areas of capacity building and fundraising; and rethinking its invitation-only grant application process. The report also notes the drop in the share of Moore Foundation grantees receiving site visits and the fact that grantees who received a visit rated the foundation higher across all impact measures.

CEP's recommendations for the foundation include having discussions around approaches aimed at broadening program managers' and staff's awareness of potential grantees, as well as reviewing how grantee input is solicited and incorporated into the design of grantee evaluations and how that process could generate information that is more relevant and useful for grantees.

(Photo credit: Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation)

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