Mott Awards $2.9 Million to Expand Community School Model in Flint

The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation has announced a $2.9 million grant to the Crim Fitness Foundation to expand its community school model in Flint.

The grant will enable Crim, the lead agency coordinating community school health efforts in the city, to expand its community school model to all eleven elementary schools in the district by the start of the 2016-17 school year. With the goal of improving student attendance, third-grade reading scores, grade promotion and high school graduation rates, and community engagement with the school system, the model, which was designed with input from Flint residents and is already in place at five elementary schools, provides students with research-based educational and enrichment opportunities, as well as nutritional support, physical activity, and mindfulness exercises.

Each school will feature three core elements: a community coordinator who works to foster relationships among school staff, students, their families, and Flint residents; a Genesee Health Plan health navigator who assesses students’ health needs and works with different agencies, organizations, and healthcare providers to address them; and free, high-quality, afterschool programming designed to promote student learning, well-being, and leadership development.

"We're thrilled to see Flint Community Schools really embracing the 'community' part of their name by partnering to provide kids and families with a comprehensive set of programs and supports," said Mott Foundation president Ridgway H. White. "With the expansion of this model, Flint schools will be the best place for kids who may have been exposed to lead to get what they need to thrive."

"Community School Model to Expand District-Wide in Flint." Charles Stewart Mott Foundation Press Release 06/27/2016.