Mott Foundation Awards $3.1 Million to Support Afterschool Program

The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation in Flint, Michigan, has announced a $3.1 million grant to the Genesee Area Focus Fund, a support organization of the Genesee Regional Chamber of Commerce, in support of the YouthQuest afterschool program.

The grant will enable the fund to offer the YouthQuest program at fifteen elementary and middle schools in six Genesee County districts during the 2012-13 academic year. Last year, the program served nearly twenty-eight hundred students in the area. Launched in 1998 as Bridges to the Future, YouthQuest offers afterschool activities and services that promote academic learning, physical fitness, youth leadership, volunteerism, and the exploration of new interests and skills in a range of areas, including science and the arts. Studies have found that regular participation in quality out-of-school programs can lead to better grades, lower rates of truancy, more engagement in school, attainment of higher levels of achievement in college, and a reduction in delinquency and contact with the police.

"Our years of work in the field of afterschool and extended learning have reinforced our belief that the hours between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. are crucial for children," said Mott Foundation president and CEO William S. White. "Afterschool programs can provide an environment where students have new and different experiences that help to boost their confidence, improve their academic achievement, and invigorate their interest in learning."

For a complete list of schools participating in the program in 2012, visit the Mott Foundation Web site.

"Flint-Area Afterschool Program Receives Important Boost From C.S. Mott Foundation Grant." Charles Stewart Mott Foundation Press Release 09/17/2012.