Museum of Science, Boston Receives $10 Million for Engineering Program

Museum of Science, Boston Receives $10 Million for Engineering Program

The Museum of Science, Boston, has announced a $10 million gift from MathWorks for the development of a permanent technology and engineering exhibit.

Scheduled to open in 2020, the exhibit will be part of the initial phase of the biggest project in the museum's history, the transformation of its 100,000-square-foot Blue Wing. The new exhibit will provide a home for the popular Engineering Design Challenges program, in which museum visitors work together to solve challenges using the same skills engineers and computer scientists use, including creativity, collaboration, and learning from failure.

"Expanding upon years of support and partnership from MathWorks, this generous gift demonstrates the close alignment of our missions, values, and commitment to inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers as they create solutions, investigate questions, and imagine possible worlds for both today and tomorrow," said museum president Ioannis Miaoulis. "We're grateful to have a partner like MathWorks that supports our vision to transform the Blue Wing into a state-of-the-art integrated experience that excites, empowers, and engages everyone to be the critical thinkers needed to shape our technological future."

(Photo credit: Matthew Modoono)

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