National Environmental Education Foundation Receives $3 Million From Toyota

The National Environmental Education Foundation has announced a $3 million grant from Toyota to improve the capacity of community-based organizations working to preserve parks and other public lands.

Awarded as part of the Obama administration's America's Great Outdoors Initiative, the grant will be used by NEEF to support the capacity building efforts of nonprofits, including community outreach and volunteer initiatives. The announcement comes at a time of significant cuts in support for public lands.

"Thousands of local nonprofit organizations are answering the call to help their public lands maintain grounds and trails and generally keep up with growing interest in their use locally and nationally," said NEEF president Diane Wood. "But many groups lack the necessary resources to be as effective as they possibly can. Toyota's gift unleashes the power of these groups to serve their local parks and lands by increasing their capacity to establish lasting organizations, recruit volunteers, and involve their communities."

"Toyota Makes $3 Million Grant Toward Public Lands Across Nation as Part of America's Great Outdoors Initiative." National Environmental Education Foundation Press Release 12/12/2011.