Nature Conservancy, PepsiCo to Boost Recycling, Protect Drinking Water

Nature Conservancy, PepsiCo to Boost Recycling, Protect Drinking Water

The Nature Conservancy and PepsiCo have announced a five-year partnership to encourage consumers to recycle more beverage containers and help protect sources of drinking water in the United States.

As part of its Recycle for Nature partnership with TNC, PepsiCo will work to increase the availability of recycling bins, starting with gas stations and convenience stores. The project is part of the company's collaboration with Walmart to boost recycling in the U.S., with the aim of raising the U.S. beverage container recycling rate to 50 percent by 2018, up from the current 42 percent.

For every one-point increase in the recycling rate, PepsiCo will make an additional donation to the Nature Conservancy, up to $5 million over five years, in support of TNC's efforts to protect key waterways. TNC's goal over the five-year period is to restore one billion gallons of water in rivers and watersheds that supply water to more than 35 million people across nine states, including the Colorado River, the Front Range forests in the metro Denver area, the Verde River in Arizona, the Kings River in northwest Arkansas, and the Cape Fear River in North Carolina.

"The easier we can make it to recycle, the more likely people are to recycle; and by giving consumers the added incentive of helping protect our watersheds, we can make an impact," said Al Carey, CEO of PepsiCo Americas Beverages.

"As our population and economies grow, already stressed water sources will face unprecedented pressure," said Nature Conservancy president and CEO Mark Tercek. "Protecting the rivers that provide clean, reliable water for people and nature is one of the smartest investments that forward-thinking companies can make."

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