NeighborWorks America Awards $65 Million in Grants

NeighborWorks America Awards $65 Million in Grants

NeighborWorks America, a congressionally chartered national nonprofit organization, has announced "flexible" grants totaling $65 million to make every community a place of opportunity.

The grants to two hundred and forty-two nonprofit organizations in the NeighborWorks network will support efforts to develop and preserve affordable housing, revitalize neighborhoods, and create jobs. In fiscal year 2017, NeighborWorks America and its network partners awarded more than $82 million in grants; helped 22,700 people become new homeowners; developed 15,200 affordable quality rental homes; preserved 12,500 affordable homes; repaired 71,300 existing homes; and provided financial counseling to 181,400 families and individuals. Network partners also issued 17,000 training certificates and created or preserved 43,000 jobs.

"With the generous support of Congress, NeighborWorks America is proud to award these grants to NeighborWorks network organizations throughout all fifty states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia to provide affordable housing opportunities, build strong neighborhoods, and create jobs," said NeighborWorks America's interim president and CEO Jeffrey Bryson. "A strong indicator of the value of these grants is that in FY17, we leveraged $59 of other investments for every $1 provided by Congress to NeighborWorks America — resulting in a direct investment of $8.3 billion in communities across the country."

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