Network Formed to Make Cities More Electric Vehicle-Friendly

Network Formed to Make Cities More Electric Vehicle-Friendly

The William J. Clinton Foundation has announced a commitment by fourteen of the world's largest cities, in partnership with four vehicle manufacturers and the Clinton Climate Initiative, to become more electric vehicle-friendly.

The formation of the C40 Electric Vehicle Network was announced at the Climate Summit for Mayors, which is being held alongside the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. Over the next twelve months, the members of the network — Bogota, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Copenhagen, Delhi, Hong Kong, Houston, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Toronto, Sao Paulo, Seoul, and Sydney — will work to address four areas of municipal action considered critical to the successful introduction of electric vehicles: facilitating the planning and deployment of a charging infrastructure and related electricity supply systems; working with stakeholders to streamline permitting processes associated with charging equipment; coordinating monetary and non-monetary incentives available to the general public and organizations purchasing electric vehicles; and developing and publishing a plan to mobilize demand for electric vehicles in city fleets between 2010 and 2013.

CCI and vehicle manufacturers BYD, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, Nissan, and Renault will work with the fourteen cities to develop their electric vehicle strategies, convene and collaborate with key industry stakeholders, and inform their decisions on vehicle specifications and charging parameters.

Each electric vehicle that displaces a conventional car produces savings of approximately 1.5 tons of carbon dioxide per year and represents a 62 percent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions compared to a gasoline-powered car and a 53 percent reduction compared to a diesel-powered car.

"Increasing the number of electric vehicles on our roads is a critical step in significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions in time to avoid the worst consequences of climate change, and cities can lead the way," said former President Bill Clinton. "By bringing together cities and private sector companies to make electric vehicles a viable option for every driver, this network will help improve air quality, create more sustainable, good-paying jobs, and establish new models for other cities to follow."

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