New Media Ventures Invests $1.2 Million in Progressive Organizations

New Media Ventures Invests $1.2 Million in Progressive Organizations

New Media Ventures has announced grants and investments totaling $1.2 million in support of progressive startups working at the intersection of technology, media, and political organizing.

A network of more than a hundred angel investors focused on driving social change, NMV awards grants in the areas of innovative tools and technology, media platforms and distribution, advocacy platforms, digital organizing, civic engagement tools, and elections and voting systems.

Selected from nearly seven hundred and forty applicants, thirteen organizations will receive grants, including BallotReady, which creates customized tools to help campaigns, advocacy groups, and nonprofits inform voters; MobilizeAmerica, a volunteer and events management platform and network for progressive activists, organizations, and campaigns; mRelief, which works to restore dignity by transforming access to social services; Jolt, which seeks to build the collective voice, power, and influence of the Latino community in Texas through issue organizing, storytelling, and voter registration and mobilization; Pay Your Tuition, which helps families access capital to pay for education costs; Resistance Labs, which uses mass peer-to-peer texting to support movements and campaigns at critical moments; Run for Something, which recruits and supports young diverse progressives running for local office for the first time, and Spread the Vote, which obtains government-issued photo IDs for eligible voters in voter ID states.

"We're so inspired by the founders in this new cohort," said NMV managing directpr Julie Menter. "They're leveraging technology in innovative ways to help progressives win on the issues, win hearts and minds, and win at the ballot box. And right now, anything is possible, but nothing is guaranteed."

"Our Biggest Investment Round Yet: $1.2 Million for Progressive Startups." New Media Ventures Press Release 07/05/2018.