New Organization Launched to Increase International Grantmaking

The Tides Center, a San Francisco-based public charity that works to affect positive social change, in collaboration with International Donors Dialogue, a Bay-area donors network, and the International Working Group of the National Network of Grantmakers, has launched a new organization designed to increase U.S.-based international grantmaking.

The organization, Grantmakers Without Borders, plans to welcome the participation of a broad range of people and institutions, including foundations, grantmaking public charities, invidividual donors, and donor-activists.

"So much of our world today thinks globally," said project coordinator John Harvey. "Our economy, our communications technologies, our culture. Yet the philanthropic sector today remains quite limited in its outlook, often going no further than the end of a street or town line. We've got to make it as expansive as possible. This is both an ethical and strategic choice. And with the enormous riches we enjoy in the U.S. — some $180 billion was given away by the private sector in 1999 — it's a choice we can safely make.'

While the organization's strategy is still being formulated, its fundamental goals have been decided: to make the case for international grantmaking; to show how international grantmaking can be done; and to lead funders to innovative, effective overseas work.

For more information on international grantmaking, see highlights from the Foundation Center's recent study, International Grantmaking II: An Update on U.S. Foundation Trends at:

"New Organization Launched to Increase International Grantmaking" Grantmakers Without Borders Press Release 01/23/2001.