New York Genome Center Receives $100 Million Matching Grant

The New York Genome Center has announced a $100 million matching grant from the Simons Foundation and Carson Family Charitable Trust.

The grant, which includes $80 million from the Simons Foundation and $20 million from the Carson Family Trust, will be used to match gifts to NYGC over the next three years. Funds generated by the match will support the center's mission, which includes serving as a resource for genomics collaboration and discovery; fostering collaborative investigation within the scientific and clinical communities; enabling personalized medicine by offering physicians new insights and treatment options for patients; and developing databases for the management of genomic data by scientists and clinicians.

Simons Foundation chair Jim Simons, who serves on the  NYGC board, and Carson Family Charitable Trust director Russell Carson, who co-chairs the board, helped establish the consortium of medical schools, hospitals, research institutions, and industry partners dedicated to genomics research. With the gift, the foundation's total contributions to the center now exceed $100 million.

"By matching all philanthropic donations to the New York Genome Center over the next three years, we hope to inspire those who have already been generous and also attract new donors," said Carson. "I am confident that investing in genomics research is to the benefit of the community overall, and particularly to those suffering from some of our most challenging diseases. It’s a privilege for me to support this critical work."