NFL Commits $10 Million to Sexual Violence Initiative

The National Sexual Violence Resource Center, in partnership with the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault-PreventConnect and the National Alliance to End Sexual Violence, has announced a $10 million commitment from the National Football League in support of efforts to end sexual violence in a generation.

Described as the first-ever major corporate commitment to end sexual violence, the funds will help launch a centralized entity called Raliance to serve as a hub for the allocation of funding to promising prevention programs and as a go-to resource for policy makers, advocates, service providers, and the media. Among other activities, Raliance will work to expand sexual violence prevention strategies nationwide; advance research that increases understanding of sexual violence and its prevention; develop resources, programs, and policies for effective response and prevention; promote accuracy and sensitivity in how sexual violence is reported in the media; inform policy making at the national, state, and local levels; strengthen support for victims/survivors of sexual violence; and increase access to treatment for people at risk of causing sexual harm.

Each partner in the collaboration will play a distinct role: NSVRC will head Raliance's efforts to promote effective, clear, and consistent communications around sexual violence; CALCASA-PreventConnect will drive prevention programming, with an initial focus on the role of sports and athletics in sexual violence; and NAESV will manage the development of an effective public policy response.

In its inaugural funding cycle, Raliance will award grants totaling $1.2 million to twenty-seven projects or initiatives, with each recipient receiving up to $50,000. The application period for the second funding cycle, through which a total of $600,000 will be awarded, opens July 5, 2016.

"High-profile cases over the past few years have sparked a national conversation around sexual violence," said NSVRC chief executive Delilah Rumburg. "With America focused on this very important issue, we have an unprecedented opportunity to improve understanding of sexual violence and ultimately change behaviors. As a nationally coordinated initiative, Raliance will integrate communication about policy, prevention, and intervention to drive and expedite real change."

"Top Sexual Violence Prevention Organizations Launch Initiative to End Sexual Violence in One Generation." National Sexual Violence Resource Center Press Release 06/28/2016.