NFWF, Wells Fargo Partner on $10 Million Resilient Communities Program

NFWF, Wells Fargo Partner on $10 Million Resilient Communities Program

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation has announced a four-year, $10 million grant from Wells Fargo to launch a community resilience initiative.

The Resilient Communities Program will work to improve the stewardship of natural resources and enhance the capacity of communities to prepare for expected impacts associated with water quality and quantity issues, forest conservation challenges, and sea-level rise, with a focus on low- and moderate-income communities. By enhancing and restoring wetlands, making shorelines more resilient, preserving and urban tree canopies and natural forests, and protecting the health of upstream watersheds, the program will help communities across the country improve quality of life for residents, enhance their resilience, and support wildlife populations.

To that end, NFWF will award between five and ten grants annually. In 2017, priority will be given to projects that emphasize the interconnectedness of natural systems and community well-being, with a focus on the role of wetlands, coastal habitats, and other ecosystems in mitigating future floods, storm events, and sea level-rise; sustaining water quantity and quality through enhanced natural infrastructure; conserving healthy forests; managing wildfire fuels; and restoring habitats for healthy forest ecosystems.

"We are pleased to stand working with the experts at NFWF on this important, multiyear community resiliency program," said Wells Fargo director of environmental affairs Mary Wenzel. "Focusing on resiliency through conservation and capacity building helps communities minimize climate- and extreme-weather-related impacts while simultaneously improving community well-being and prospects for economic development."

"NFWF, Wells Fargo Launch $10 Million Community Resilience Program." National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Press Release 02/13/2017.