Northwest Area Foundation Announces $2.7 Million in Fourth-Quarter Grants

The Northwest Area Foundation in St. Paul has announced twenty-four grants totaling $2.7 million to nonprofits working to reduce poverty and help low-income individuals build assets and wealth across the region.

Fourth-quarter grants included $380,000 over three years to the Portland Development Commission in support of its Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative, a public-private effort to create economic development in low-income commercial districts; $222,400 over two years to the Three Affiliated Tribes of New Town, North Dakota, to help rebuild the tribal government and its economic structure; and $75,000 to the Neighborhood Development Center of St. Paul for its efforts to grow business through local food systems, collaborations between rural and urban economies, and training for entrepreneurs.

The foundation also awarded grants in support of efforts to improve public policy, including $100,000 to the Farmers' Legal Action Group to advocate for stronger immigrant farmer-government relations. Grants for rural development included $75,000 to Lutheran Social Services Housing, Inc. in Fargo to fund research and development of a loan fund for affordable housing and childcare facilities projects in rural North Dakota.

"We believe that increasing personal assets and wealth offers the brightest hope for people who are trying to move from poverty to financial stability," said Northwest Area Foundation president and CEO Kevin Walker. "One of the most effective ways to do that is by creating new business with jobs that generate living wages. Our grants will also support financial education and job training so low-income workers can build a solid future."

For a complete list of fourth-quarter grant recipients, visit the Northwest Area Foundation Web site.