NoVo Foundation Announces 2017 'Move to End Violence' Leaders

NoVo Foundation Announces 2017 'Move to End Violence' Leaders

The New York City-based NoVo Foundation has announced the selection of a fourth cohort of leaders for its Move to End Violence program, a ten-year capacity-building program designed to support women leaders working to strengthen the movement to end violence against all girls and women.

Twenty-one "Movement Makers" — all of them women of color or Indigenous women — from thirteen states were selected for the program based on their visionary solutions to ending violence against girls and women and their work at the intersection of multiple forms of oppression. For this cycle, the foundation focused on leaders from and working in marginalized communities that are being politically targeted, including African-American, immigrant, Muslim, and transgender communities — all of which have been historically underinvested in and under-acknowledged for their contributions to the movement to end violence against women.

Bringing together leaders working in areas ranging from domestic violence, commercial sexual exploitation, and sexual assault, to environmental injustice, the new cohort includes Afua Addo, coordinator of gender and justice initiatives at the Center for Court Innovation (New York); Rufaro Gwarada, development and culture strategies director at  Mobilize the Immigrant Vote (California); Monique Nguyen, executive director of the Matahari Women Worker's Center (Massachusetts); Deleana OtherBull, executive director of the Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women (New Mexico), and Isa Woldeguiorguis, executive director of the Center for Hope and Healing (Massachusetts).

"This phenomenal group of movement leaders will be given space to work and dream, time to connect more deeply with each other, and resources to tap into their collective wisdom — strengthening the deepest roots of the movements our world needs to create a future free from violence," said NoVo Foundation co-presidents Jennifer and Peter Buffett in a statement. "With room to build relationships, grow and deepen their shared work, transformation is possible, just when our world needs it most."

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