NoVo Foundation Launches Social Justice Fund

NoVo Foundation Launches Social Justice Fund

The New York City-based NoVo Foundation has announced the launch of the Radical Hope Fund, a four-year, $20 million commitment to support bold and transformative social justice work globally.

In the wake of last November's presidential election, NoVo has encouraged foundations to boost their support of grassroots advocacy, activism, and organizing, especially amid a global rise of regressive policies, discrimination, and violence affecting women and girls, communities facing racial and ethnic discrimination, and a wide range of marginalized people and communities, including people with disabilities and LGBTQI people. The fund is designed to complement and deepen NoVo's efforts by encouraging new partnerships, collaboration, and creativity.

To bolster engagement in strategies that are adaptive and aimed at transformation rather than solely incremental change, the Radical Hope Fund will support efforts that bring communities together for cross-issue, cross-sectoral organizing, including policy advocacy campaigns; build global solidarity and transnational movements; leverage the power of media, culture, and the arts to engage in storytelling and sharing ideas; and seed experiments in building new structures and systems oriented around interdependence and mutuality rather than domination and extraction.

"In a time of darkness and division, there must also be room to dream," said NoVo Foundation executive director Pamela Shifman. "Even as we help communities respond to daily threats, we can — and must — also create space for them to imagine, build, and lead us toward a better and more just future. That’s how we hope this fund will make a significant difference."

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