NYU Langone Receives $1 Million for Dual Diagnosis Program

NYU Langone Medical Center has announced a $1 million grant from Welcome Back Veterans to establish a clinical program at NYU's Steven & Alexandra Cohen Military Family Clinic that will help military veterans suffering from mental health and substance abuse disorders.

Building on the clinic's "bio-psycho-social" model, the Welcome Back Veterans Dual Diagnosis Program will combine individual and group psychotherapy, medication management, and adjunctive therapies such as mindfulness training and meditation to treat veterans who are struggling with mental health and substance abuse challenges.

The funds from Welcome Back Veterans, an initiative of Major League Baseball and the Chicago-based Robert R. McCormick Foundation, also will be used to hire additional clinicians with specialized training and experience in substance abuse, including addiction psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers, and to promote collaboration between service providers.

"More than 25 percent of the veterans and families we see at the Military Family Clinic for mental health ailments also have some type of substance abuse problem — and half of them are referred to an outside program to address their addiction issues," said Charles Marmar, the Lucius N. Littauer Professor and chair of the department of psychiatry at NYU Langone and the director of the Cohen Veterans Center. "This is not an ideal situation for veterans and their families — especially those who also face multiple, overlapping mental health conditions. Substance abuse and mental health are interdependent — one drives the other."