NYU Langone Receives $25 Million for Parkinson’s Institute

NYU Langone Medical Center has announced a $25 million gift from trustee Paolo Fresco to establish an institute that will work to advance the understanding of, treatment for, and education underlying Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders.

To be jointly led by a clinician and a neuroscientist, the renamed Marlene and Paolo Fresco Institute for Parkinson's & Movement Disorders will open this fall at NYU Langone, which will also establish a fully integrated branch of the institute in Italy in partnership with the Paolo Fresco Charitable Foundation. The institute's goals include advancing groundbreaking both clinical and basic research in the field of Parkinson's and movement disorders; creating a fellowship program to help early-career scientists and researchers in Italy learn about the NYU Langone model; and strengthening existing patient-centered and family-centered models of care that embrace medical, rehabilitative, psychological, social, and supportive care.

"There is much we still do not know about Parkinson's, and through this grant and collaboration, we have the potential to help change the paradigm of this devastating disease," said Fresco, president of the Paolo and Marlene Fresco Foundation and former executive vice chairman of General Electric and chairman of Fiat. "The collaboration through the Fresco Foundation with Italian medical and scientific communities is a key feature of this grant and I think it will benefit both countries."

"Treatment for Parkinson's is not one size fits all," said Fresco Institute executive director Alessandro Di Rocco. "We must continually evaluate and personalize the treatment plan based on the patient's evolving symptoms and quality of life. Through fellowships and clinical and scientific collaborations with Italian Parkinson's institutions, we will develop better treatments and understanding of the disease."