O'Sullivan Foundation Awards $5 Million to Khan Academy

The O'Sullivan Foundation in Kinsale, Ireland, has announced a $5 million grant to the Khan Academy to accelerate development and deployment of its disruptive approach to education.

The grant will be used to expand the academy's faculty from one to five full-time teachers; boosting the range of subjects it covers to include the arts and humanities; develop a crowdsourced content management and curation system that enables a much broader pool of educators to provide instructional content; and create K-12 curricula for blended real-world and virtual learning experiences. Through its Web site and via YouTube, Khan Academy provides more than twenty-six hundred educational videos to students around the world.

In addition, starting in June, Khan Academy will run a series of summer school camps in Silicon Valley. The camp will be a testing ground for curricula that, over time, will be developed into a complete academic experience.

"The school of the future will not resemble the school of today," said Khan Academy founder and executive director Salman Khan. "In the past, the assembly-line, lecture-homework-exam model existed because that's what was possible in the no-tech and low-tech classrooms of their day. We can now build a new reality, using today's technologies, where learning is custom-tailored and collaborative, bite-sized and iterative. When students learn at their own pace and become more self-directed, they remain engaged. This helps teachers build strong foundations, so that even students [who] are labeled as 'slow or remedial' become advanced in a matter of months."

"Khan Academy Receives $5 Million to Accelerate the Reinvention of Education." O'Sullivan Foundation Press Release 11/04/2011.