Oak Foundation Announces $100 Million Commitment to Ocean Conservation

Oak Foundation Announces $100 Million Commitment to Ocean Conservation

The Oak Foundation in Geneva, Switzerland, has announced a $100 million commitment in support of ocean conservation efforts.

Announced at the United Nations Ocean Conference on World Oceans Day, the pledge increases the foundation's original commitment of $60 million over three years, made in September 2016, to $100 million over five years. The funding is aimed at supporting advances in three areas that will improve the health and integrity of marine ecosystems and the communities that depend on them — the prevention of illegal, unreported, and unregulated industrial fisheries; support for small-scale fishery governance and leadership to protect marine ecosystems and livelihoods; and a drastic reduction in the amount of plastic debris dumped into the oceans.

According to the foundation, small-scale fisheries employ more than 90 percent of the world's commercial fishermen, processors, and other workers — at least a hundred million people up and down the value chain. The foundation's marine conservation strategy includes supporting organizations and partnerships in Europe, East Asia, and Africa working to strengthen international fishing regulations and promote ecologically sustainable fisheries policies; reduce the magnitude of large-scale industrial development of the oceans through the promotion of international agreements designed to protect the environment and sustainable livelihoods; and clean up the most harmful varieties of plastic in the oceans.

To see who else is funding and working on ocean conservation efforts, check out Foundation Center's FundingtheOcean.org data portal.

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