Ohio University Receives $13.3 Million From Alumna

Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, has announced a $13.3 million gift from class of 1938 alumna Violet L. Patton to establish a new community arts education center.

Patton, a former teacher and the co-author of a book on etiquette, contacted the university last summer informing them of her intentions and requesting a proposal that would match her interests. A team of deans from the colleges of education and fine arts and Patton, who communicated via her attorney, determined that the gift would be best used to build or renovate a structure to house the new center; fund scholarships, fellowships, and residences for visiting artists; and build links between the university and the region in a partnership that will enable OU students to participate in service-learning, professional internships, and teaching fellowships.

The location for the center has not been decided, as the project currently remains in the planning phase pending the release of the funds from Patton's charitable trust.

"The Violet L. Patton Center for Arts Education will nurture arts and entrepreneurship for the creation of social change and community development," Charles McWeeny, dean for the College of Fine Arts, said. "This generous gift will provide the funds to promote the values the arts teach to help elevate people educationally and economically, increase entrepreneurship, and enrich the community."

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