One Acre Fund Announces Partnership to Address Poverty, Hunger in Kenya

The One Acre Fund, which serves small-scale farmers in Kenya, has announced the Global Development Alliance, a $3.8 million partnership with USAID/Kenya and the Pershing Square Foundation in New York City to improve food security and reduce poverty in Kenya.

Through the partnership, USAID/Kenya and the Pershing Square Foundation will contribute $1.5 million each to scale One Acre Fund's program, which provides farm families with a "market bundle" of services, including high-quality maize seed and fertilizer on credit, in-field training, and market facilitation. One Acre — which is repaid for its services by farmers, including some who have doubled their income per planted acre over the course of a single growing season — will mobilize $800,000 of its own resources.

The funds will be used to serve two hundred thousand families in western Kenya over the next five years. One Acre expects to establish agriculture finance and input distribution facilities within walking distance of the majority of the region's farmers by 2017.

Since 2008, the Pershing Square Foundation has committed $6.5 million to the One Acre Fund to support loans for farmers. "We view this [new] partnership as a chance to leverage our dollars to accelerate the work of an organization we believe in and a cause we are passionate about," said Paul Bernstein, the foundation's CEO. "One Acre Fund's holistic model permanently changes the prospects for the world's poorest farmers. Partnerships like this are so valuable in our attempts to tackle global poverty and hunger."

"One Acre Fund Scaling Up Innovative Work With Kenyan Farmers" One Acre Fund Press Release 09/12/2012.