Open Philanthropy Project Awards $55 Million for Center on AI Policy

Open Philanthropy Project Awards $55 Million for Center on AI Policy

Georgetown University has announced a $55 million gift from the Open Philanthropy Project to establish a center focused on artificial intelligence.

To be housed at the Walsh School of Foreign Service, the Center for Security and Emerging Technology will combine world-class AI expertise and advanced computing with Georgetown's extensive networks in security policy to provide nonpartisan analysis and advice to policy makers and the academic community.

Part of the university's new Initiative in Technology and Society, the center will bring together research and teaching focused on creating better policies and uses for new AI technologies, including a special focus on the ethical implications of technology-driven transformations in international security. The initiative builds on Georgetown's strengths in public policy, ethics, law, and governance and encompasses projects at the university's Massive Data InstituteInstitute for Technology Law and Policy, and the Ethics Lab

"AI and other emerging technologies will deliver profound benefits to society but they will also introduce new risks," said inaugural CSET director Jason Matheny, who previously served as director of the U.S. Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity. "Technologists don't always consider the details of policy, and policy makers don't always consider the details of technology."

"For centuries, new technologies have defined the very nature of security risks and opportunities," said School of Foreign Service dean Joel Hellman. "AI and advanced computing have the potential to reshape the very foundation of the global order. The creation of CSET at the School of Foreign Service will ensure that Georgetown continues to lead in preparing the next generation of leaders to tackle the world's most critical policy challenges."

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