Open Society Foundations Announces 2019 Soros Arts Fellows

Open Society Foundations Announces 2019 Soros Arts Fellows

The Open Society Foundations has announced this year's recipients of the Soros Arts Fellowship.

The annual program's second cohort includes eleven artists, curators, researchers, and filmmakers, each of whom will receive an $80,000 stipend to complete an ambitious project at the junction of art, migration, and public space, as well as personalized mentoring focused on strategies to advance social engagement. Projects created by the fellows, who hail from around the globe, including Lebanon, Guatemala, Haiti, Germany, Morocco, Zimbabwe, and New York City, include a theatrical version of the film The Infiltrators, with the goal of generating awareness of for-profit detention centers, the politics of deportation, and strategies of resistance developed by undocumented immigrants in the U.S.; healing workshops and mental health resources for young immigrant communities; and an installation along Lebanon’s northern border with Syria designed to cause people who see it to reflect on themes of love, refuge, and survival.

"We are proud to support visionary artists and cultural producers exploring the aesthetic and political realities of migration from personal, familial, historical, and conceptual perspectives," said Rashida Bumbray, senior program manager of Open Society's Arts Exchange. "Across the globe, the political environment is increasingly characterized by polarizing and reductive notions about people who migrate. That’s why this work to broaden understandings of migration, share self-determined narratives, stimulate critical discourse, and create momentum for change is so urgent."

For a complete list of the 2019 Soros Arts Fellows, see the Open Society Foundations website.

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