Open Society Foundations Commits $5 Million for Accountable Governance

Open Society Foundations Commits $5 Million for Accountable Governance

The Open Society Foundations has announced a $5 million challenge grant to the Open Government Partnership in support of accountable, responsive, and inclusive governance initiatives.

The grant includes $1 million in 2020 and an additional $4 million if OGP can raise $5 million from other partners over the next three years.

OGP works to bring together government leaders and civil society advocates around efforts to make government more transparent and effective. The funding from OSF will advance shared policy priorities in the areas of government corruption, access to justice, public services, gender and inclusion, and civic space; support civil society and government reforms as well as investments in monitoring, evaluation, and research; and help OGP raise awareness of its efforts.

"In far too many places, citizens perceive their elected governments to be disconnected and unresponsive, or corrupt and captured," said OGP chief executive Sanjay Pradhan. "At the same time, citizens' ability to freely speak, associate, and assemble is itself under attack. Working with reformers from government, civil society, and other stakeholders, open government can be a countervailing force against the rise of repressive governments and positive global force for reinvigorating democracy. Open Society Foundations’ generous donation will provide OGP with the resources and partnerships to advance this goal."

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