Osteopathic Heritage Foundation Awards $4.1 Million for Post-Graduate Education

The Osteopathic Heritage Foundation has announced a three-year, $4.1 million grant to OhioHealth's Doctors Hospital of Columbus to support osteopathic post-graduate medical education and improve patients' access to care.

The grant will support the surgical and cardiology teaching programs for osteopathic physicians furthering their training in Doctors' internship, residency, and fellowship programs. In addition to cardiology, the surgical programs affected are orthopedics; general surgery; ear, nose, and throat; obstetrics-gynecology; plastic surgery; neurosurgery; and urology. The foundation's previous grants to the hospital — now totaling $34 million — have supported other educational and research programs.

"This grant is intended to attract faculty and strengthen the surgery and cardiology osteopathic post-graduate medical education programs," said foundation president Rick Vincent. "It also supports Doctors Hospital in enhancing its services to the community and solidifies its position as a premier physician-training center. This will result in attracting dedicated faculty members, who, in turn, will attract new osteopathic physicians for training."