Pace University Receives $15 Million for Computer Science School

Pace University in New York City has announced a $15 million gift from Verizon Communications chairman and CEO Ivan G. Seidenberg, an alumnus and trustee, for the School of Computer Science and Information Systems, which will be renamed in his honor.

The largest gift in the university's history will create a scholarship program in which selected students have regular discussions with Seidenberg and other leaders in the computing and information systems industry. The Seidenberg Scholars, as they will be known, will also receive tuition assistance and laptops, participate in special mentoring sessions and group projects with faculty members, and have opportunities for summer travel, internships, and courses. The gift will also support the Seidenberg School's endowment.

In a letter to the Pace community, university president David A. Caputo said Seidenberg has a "longstanding, deep commitment to the Pace mission of opening up opportunities for students from all walks of life." In the letter, Seidenberg was quoted as saying, "Innovation simply cannot exist without a constantly replenished talent pool of entrepreneurs, managers, and engaged employees. In only two decades, this school has very successfully brought Pace's gift for transforming students into accomplished professionals into the information technology field."

"Pace Receives Largest Gift in Its History." Pace University Announcement 09/15/2005.