Packard Foundation Details New Ocean Grantmaking Strategy

Packard Foundation Details New Ocean Grantmaking Strategy

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation in Los Altos, California, has announced the details of its new ocean grantmaking framework.

Announced in September and backed by a $550 million commitment, the foundation's ocean strategy will focus on issues that currently pose the greatest threat to oceans and their biodiversity, including overfishing, irresponsible marine aquaculture, and habitat loss. The foundation also will focus on important long-term threats to the health of the planet's oceans such as climate change and acidification.

To that end, the fifteen-year framework is built around public-private efforts aimed at stopping activities that do the most harm; creating incentives for the solutions that do the most good; helping leaders and communities build knowledge and capacity; and taking immediate action. The foundation's own grantmaking will be focused on ensuring fishing and marine aquaculture practices are sustainable and protecting habitat to ensure marine biodiversity in six countries — Chile, China, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, and the United States. The foundation also will pursue regional and global strategies to promote global markets for sustainable seafood, eliminate illegal fishing, protect seabirds and shorebirds and their habitats, and understand and address how greenhouse gas emissions affect the oceans.

As part of its strategy, in which flexibility, shared learning, and capacity building are considered keys to success, the foundation will emphasize collaborations with local communities and policy makers, NGOs, the private sector, researchers, and other funders.

"The needs extend far beyond the support currently available for ocean conservation work," said the foundation in an announcement on its website "Time is of the essence — this is the moment for us to join together in supporting work to protect the planet's ocean before the problems become more difficult and more expensive to solve."

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