Packard Foundation Shares Its 'Grantee Perception Report'

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation in Los Altos, California, has posted a summary of the grantee perception report prepared for it by the Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP) in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Packard and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation are among the few foundations to have shared that information with the public.

To create the report, Packard provided information for all open 2003 grants. CEP then created a random pool of 492 organizations to be surveyed, and received responses from 336, a response rate of 68 percent. In the survey, grantees were asked, among other things, to rate the foundation's impact on the fields it funds as well as on local communities, its relationships with grantees, and its processes and administration. The results showed that, relative to its peers, Packard grantees felt the foundation had above-average impact on the fields it funds as well as on the organizations it funds. At the same time, grantees identified two areas as needing more attention: the clarity of the foundation's communications with respect to its program goals, strategies, and interactions with grantees, and the quality of its selection and evaluation processes, both of which were rated at or below average.

"We are pleased that our grantees see the foundation as having above-average impact on our fields of funding, including understanding the field, advancing knowledge, and having an effect on public policy," said foundation president and CEO Carol S. Larson in a statement posted on the Packard Web site. "We are also gratified that grantees rate our impact on their organizations as abover average and are more satisfied with the foundation relative to their peers." But, added Larson, the foundation would use the information in the report "as a basis for change" and would focus on "clarifying program goals and strategies, bolstering the quality of our interactions with grantees, and streamlining our selection and evaluation processes."

To read the complete Packard Grantee Perception Report (22 pages, PDF), visit:

"Grantee Perception Report." David and Lucile Packard Web Site 10/26/2004.