Paul G. Allen Awards $6.6 Million to Save the Children

The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation has announced a $6.6 million grant to Save the Children in support of the aid organization's efforts to provide health care, comfort, and education to children orphaned by the Ebola virus in Liberia.

According to UNICEF, some thirty-seven hundred children in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone have lost at least one parent to Ebola in 2014, and many of those children are either confined to their homes or have been left without possessions and shelter. Meanwhile, Ebola-related school closures in Liberia have left nearly a million school-aged children without a structured learning environment. The largest private donation awarded to Save the Children to date in support of its Ebola response will be used, among other activities, to provide psychological and psychosocial treatments for orphaned children, family tracing and reunification services, and radio-based education programming in communities where schools remain closed.

In addition, the organization plans to build and operate ten Ebola Community Care Centers for the isolation, observation, and care of suspected, probable, and confirmed Ebola cases — an effort that is expected to reduce the burden on existing Ebola treatment units.

"In addition to addressing the immediate on the ground needs to tackle Ebola, we can't forget the long-term impact of this crisis," said Allen. "We must also focus on projects that will build infrastructure to provide ongoing support for the population. Children are the most vulnerable of this population, and the work Save the Children is doing will help provide for their care and education so they can have a future."

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