PepsiCo Foundation Awards $10 Million for Recycling Challenge

PepsiCo Foundation Awards $10 Million for Recycling Challenge

The PepsiCo Foundation has announced a $10 million grant to the Recycling Partnership, a national nonprofit based in Falls Church, Virginia, in support of All In On Recycling, an industry-wide challenge aimed at making recycling easier for 25 million families across the country.

Part of PepsiCo's Performance with Purpose sustainability program, the challenge aims to raise a total of $25 million from businesses, companies, and organizations. In addition to contributions from other corporations, more than twenty-eight hundred communities are expected to participate in the initiative and triple the collective investment, bringing total support for the effort to $100 million.

Half the funds raised will be used to provide curbside carts to more than five hundred and fifty thousand households as well as the infrastructure needed to recover recyclables from multi-family homes such as apartment buildings and condos, one of the most challenging segments of the population to serve. The other half will support critical recycling education and operational programs, with the goal of increasing the collection of recyclables while reducing contamination.

The Recycling Partnership estimates the challenge will help the U.S. capture 1.9 million tons of quality recyclable materials over the next five years, including seven billion bottles and cans, and result in a total greenhouse gas avoidance of 5.5 million tons of carbon dioxide.

"We are thrilled with the PepsiCo Foundation's generosity and leadership in creating a more sustainable future through recycling," said Recycling Partnership CEO Keefe Harrison. "The PepsiCo Foundation's $10 million support not only allows us to make significant, measurable impact in communities, the environment, and people's lives all over the country, but also sends a powerful industry-wide message that we can only transform recycling if we work together. Companies know that while they can be fierce competitors on the shelf, once their products hit the recycling cart, we're all in this together."