PepsiCo Foundation Awards $5 Million to Diplomas Now Collaborative

The PepsiCo Foundation has announced a $5 million grant to Diplomas Now, an innovative public-private partnership that works to provide students at risk of dropping out with the right support at the right time.

The grant in support of the program, which was launched in partnership with City Year, Communities in Schools, and the Talent Development program at John Hopkins as a pilot in 2008-09 and today serves some 31,000 students in forty schools in fourteen cities, boosts the foundation's total investment in the model to $16.1 million. The new funding will help the program serve an additional 33,000 students and support its operations through the 2016-17 school year. In addition to the grant, PepsiCo employees will continue to mentor students at Diplomas Now schools and play an active role in their education.

"Diplomas Now offers a unique and compelling solution to America's education crisis," said PepsiCo Foundation senior director Kristina Mangelsdorf. "We are pleased to deepen our relationship and increase our commitment to this promising program that increases student achievement and keeps young people on the path to graduation."

"PepsiCo Foundation Increases Investment in Diplomas Now to $16 Million." PepsiCo Foundation Press Release 05/22/2014.