Pew Charitable Trusts Awards $1 Million to Philadelphia Arts and Culture Organizations

The Pew Charitable Trusts have announced general operating support grants totaling more than $1 million to five arts and culture organizations in the five-county Philadelphia region.

Awarded through the Philadelphia Cultural Leadership Program, the grants include $600,000 to the Zoological Society of Philadelphia; $180,000 to the Bucks County Historical Society; $156,000 to the Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts; and $48,000 each to the Asian Arts Initiative and the Philadelphia Folklore Project.

The PCLP provides general operating support to organizations that demonstrate excellence in operations, fiscal management, and programming and works to promote leadership and best practices in the area's arts and culture community.

"Running an arts institution that produces work at a high level, attracts healthy audiences, and maintains sound finances is very hard to do," said Marian Godfrey, senior director of culture initiatives at Pew. "We congratulate the leaders and staffs of these organizations for their dedication and imagination in succeeding so admirably. The Philadelphia region is a better place to live and work because of these individuals and their institutions."