Philanthropic Initiative Launches Center for Global Philanthropy

The Boston-based Philanthropic Initiative, Inc. (TPI) has announced the launch of a Center for Global Philanthropy in response to the recent surge in international philanthropy.

The new center will work to improve the understanding of global philanthropy, increase the effectiveness of donors giving outside the United States, and strengthen the practice of strategic philanthropy in other countries. Paula Doherty Johnson, a former research fellow at Harvard University's Global Equity Initiative, will lead the center.

TPI works with corporations based in the U.S. and Europe to establish giving and employee engagement programs and helps high-net-worth families in America, Europe, Asia, and South America increase their impact. In addition, TPI is partnering with a coalition of community foundations to encourage their advisors to work with donors interested in giving overseas.

"There is tremendous untapped potential in global philanthropy," said Doherty Johnson. "TPI's pioneering work in philanthropy positions them perfectly to lead this effort to develop knowledge, engage broader audiences, and facilitate more strategic giving."

"The Philanthropic Initiative Launches Center for Global Philanthropy." Philanthropic Initiative Press Release 05/04/2010.