Pinkerton Awards $1 Million for New York City Foster Care Program

The Pinkerton Foundation has announced grants totaling nearly $1 million to eight New York City foster care agencies in support of in-house mentored internships for the young adults they serve.

To help young people who often face enormous challenges in the transition from foster care to the world of work, Pinkerton, in partnership with the city's Administration for Children's Services, will support the technical assistance provided by the Workforce Professionals Training Institute, the Youth Development Institute, New Ways to Work, and Youth Communication. The effort will include training for the agencies on how to create internship placements and job descriptions, internship monitoring, the development of a train-the-trainer program for workplace coordinators, and the use of work-based educational exercises designed specifically for young people in foster care. Funding from the foundation for staff training and stipends will be matched by city funds.

The initial phase of the program is expected to serve roughly twenty-five young people between the ages of 16 and 21 at each of the participating agencies. They are: Catholic Guardian Services, the Children's Aid Society, Children's Village, Graham Windham Services to Families and Children, Good Shepherd Services, Heart Share St. Vincent Services, New York Foundling, and Sheltering Arms.

"Our goal is not only to help the interns develop workplace skills, but to go beyond traditional front-line social service workers and deepen a supportive culture in each of the organizations," said Pinkerton vice president Laurie Dien, "We have been delighted by the enthusiastic response from the leadership of the foster care agencies, ACS and Center for Youth Employment."

"Pinkerton Supports Internships for Young Adults in Foster Care." Pinkerton Foundation Press Release 07/13/2017.