Piper Charitable Trust Awards $10 Million to Arizona State University

Arizona State University has announced a five-year, $10 million grant from the Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust to establish a strategic investment fund that supports efforts to improve all aspects of healthcare delivery.

To be disbursed in annual installments of $2 million, the grant will be used to establish the Virginia G. Piper Strategic Initiative Fund, which will provide seed funding for nine projects designed to improve healthcare education, research, and clinical practice through better use of a wide range of data, including biomedical informatics (using computational tools to analyze biomedical information), clinical data, and public health survey results. The fund also will support efforts to connect science to healthcare practice in a more direct manner than is currently possible.

Projects receiving initial support from the fund include the Arizona Public Health Observatory, which will collect and analyze public health data from around the world to determine how Arizona should deal with population-wide issues such as swine and bird flu epidemics; the Arizona Obesity Initiative, which will work to stem obesity in the state, especially among youth and minority populations; and the ASU Health Outcomes Knowledge Network, which aims to link people, centers, and institutions working on related healthcare issues.

"With this new investment from the Piper Trust, we will focus on every aspect of health care — from research and information systems to clinical treatment and health insurance — to improve health outcomes, focusing on Arizona, but with implications for the global problems of health," said ASU president Michael M. Crow. "This seed funding is extremely important for this new initiative and will enable us to move quickly to make progress on our objectives as well as to generate funding from other sources to expand our work and make it self-sustaining."

"ASU to Use $10M Piper Trust Investment to Improve Health Care." Arizona State University Press Release 01/19/2012.