Piper Trust Announces 2016 Encore Prizes

The Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust in Phoenix has announced the three winners of its 2016 Encore Prizes for Exceptional Organizations. The prize recognizes the accomplishments of organizations that engage the talents of adults age 50 and older in meaningful work that benefits society.

The recipients of this year's Piper Trust Encore Prizes are Sun Sounds of Arizona, which makes current written material accessible through audio for people who cannot read print because of a disability; Circle the City, a community health organization that serves people experiencing homelessness; and the Be Kind People Project, which brings together intergenerational talent to help children learn the skills of kindness. Circle the City and the Be Kind People Project each will receive $5,000 for demonstrating significant encore engagement, while Sun Sounds of Arizona will receive the $50,000 Encore Enhancement Prize to help expand its use of encore talent.

"Our 2016 Encore Prize awardees model the power of engaging experienced, older adults — encore adults as we call them — in meaningful work that taps their skills and benefits society," said Piper Trust president and CEO Susan Pepin. "Nonprofits can become stronger and more resilient with encore talent at their sides, and encore adults thrive, which can have positive impacts on their health and well-being."