Princeton Receives $11 Million for Carbon Mitigation Initiative

Princeton University has announced a five-year, $11 million commitment to the Carbon Mitigation Initiative from CMI partner BP.

Part of the Princeton Environmental Institute, CMI was created in 2000 to investigate climate- and energy-related problems and has been recognized as both a successful interdisciplinary program at Princeton and as an effective industry-university collaboration. In 2008, BP and Princeton agreed to a five-year extension of their partnership, but the exact funding level had not been determined.

Over the next five years, CMI scholars and students will delve more deeply into the science, policy, and technology dimensions of carbon mitigation. Research focused on the global carbon cycle will continue to address uncertainty in the causes and drawdown of atmospheric carbon dioxide accounted for by the world's forests and oceans, while the climate science group will continue to investigate the consequences of increasing ocean acidification for ocean flora and fauna. In addition, CMI's carbon capture program will expand its work on systems that capture carbon dioxide at coal-plus-biomass synthetic fuels plants.

"The Carbon Mitigation Initiative at Princeton continues to advance our understanding of the scientific and policy issues associated with supplying the world's increasing energy consumption while reducing carbon emissions," said BP president and CEO Lamar McKay. "We believe our partnership with CMI continues to yield answers to these complex questions, and for that reason we are delighted to extend our financial support for this effort."