Prosperity Together Partners Invested $29 Million in Women in 2016

Prosperity Together has announced that its coalition partners committed more than $29 million in 2016 to strengthen the economic security of women.

Part of a five-year, $100 million pledge announced in November 2015 during the launch of a public-private initiative led by the White House Council on Women and Girls, the funding has supported nearly a thousand organizations in twenty-three states and the District of Columbia working to improve the lives of women and girls of color. Founded by six U.S.-based public charities, including the Ms. Foundation for Women, Prosperity Together seeks to help women acquire living-wage jobs, educational training, and affordable, high-quality child care. The $29 million committed in 2016 is 46 percent more than first-year projections for the effort.

"For us to be a truly prosperous nation, we must envision a future where all women, regardless of their ethnicity, income, sexual orientation, and age, are economically secure," said Teresa C. Younger, president and CEO of the Ms. Foundation for Women.

"As a lead founder of Prosperity Together, we have witnessed the transformative power of inclusive alliances created by women's foundations," said Ana L. Oliveira, president and CEO of the New York Women's Foundation. "The twenty-seven women's foundations of Prosperity Together have surpassed the year-one goals and we intend to keep up that momentum. Now more than ever, local and regional solutions are needed to protect gains we have made and to influence greater local and national change for women. We know that when a woman uplifts herself, she takes her family and community with her. Prosperity Together is yet another great example of how investing in women makes our country stronger."

"Ms. Foundation for Women and Prosperity Together Partners Commit Over $29 Million to Increase Women's Economic Security in 2016." Ms. Foundation for Women Press Release 11/18/2016.