Rainin Foundation Launches Public Art Program

The Kenneth Rainin Foundation has announced a new public art program that will support temporary public-based art projects in Oakland and San Francisco that engage communities, showcase artistic experimentation, and energize public spaces.

Starting in the fall, the Open Spaces Program will award up to four grants ranging from $50,000 to $200,000 per project. The program is open to established as well as emerging artists from a range of disciplines and will encourage diverse public art works. After the application period closes, a small group of finalists will be selected, with each receiving $5,000 to further develop their proposals.

"This program offers much needed funding for Bay Area artists to expand their work by bringing it into the public realm, collaborate with the community, and reach broader audiences," said Courtney Fink, a public arts management consultant for the foundation. "I hope this program becomes a model for other cities and communities, and inspires funders to support artists working to engage the public."

"Rainin Foundation Launches New Public Art Program." Kenneth Rainin Foundation Press Release 04/22/2016.