Rasmuson Foundation Announces Changes to Individual Artists Awards

The Rasmuson Foundation in Anchorage, Alaska, has announced changes to its Individual Artists Awards program.

To be introduced out over the next three years, the changes include greater flexibility in how artists present their work samples, streamlined application instructions, and more specificity around narrative questions in the application form. The foundation also has split the "multidiscipline" and "new genre" fields; going forward, when artists select the former, they will be asked to identify the two disciplines that best define their work.

Starting in 2017, IAA recipients will have the option of participating in a flexible, six-week course with New York-based Creative Capital that focuses on building artists' business skills. The course will include a single in-person gathering, webinars, conference calls, and other educational opportunities designed to take into account the various technological challenges of living in Alaska. In addition, Rasmuson staff will host a series of workshops across the state dedicated to the application process. Last but not least, over the next three years the foundation will implement several strategies aimed at promoting the recipients of the awards.

"Changes to the Individual Artist Awards Program." Rasmuson Foundation Press Release 01/17/2017.