Rasmuson Foundation Announces Recipients of 2018 Sabbatical Program

Rasmuson Foundation Announces Recipients of 2018 Sabbatical Program

The Rasmuson Foundation in Anchorage, Alaska, has announced the names of seven nonprofit leaders in the state selected to participate in the foundation's 2018 Sabbatical program.

The program, which awards up to $40,000 per individual to cover recipients' salary and expenses while they are on sabbatical, is designed to keep effective leaders engaged in the nonprofit sector by enabling them to step away from their jobs for three to six months of rest, reflection, and rejuvenation. According to the foundation, research has shown that a sabbatical can extend a nonprofit director's tenure by an average of three-plus years.

This year's awardees are Nikole Nelson, executive director of the Alaska Legal Services Corporation; Jack Hebert, founder and CEO of the Cold Climate Housing Research Center; Philip Licht, executive director of Set Free Alaska, Inc.; Fawn Silas, administrator of the Nondalton Tribal Council; Joyce Moropoulos, executive director of the HeartReach Center; Roberta Leichty, executive director of the Southeast Region EMS Council; and Melanie Bahnke, president of Kawerak.

"We recognize the important work of our nonprofit leaders, and our goal is to ensure Alaskans continue to benefit from their experience, expertise, and wisdom," said Angela Cox, the foundation's vice president of external affairs. "The award compensates the leaders for their time away, and offers their organizations support during the sabbaticals."

(Photo credit: Brian Adams)

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