Rasmuson Foundation Awards $5 Million to Expand Philanthropy Program

The Anchorage-based Rasmuson Foundation has announced a four-year, $5 million grant to the Alaska Community Foundation to expand a statewide effort to create, support, and sustain locally driven philanthropy.

Established in 2008 to support philanthropic efforts across the state and led by volunteer advisory boards, the ACF Affiliate Program works to grow permanent, geographically based endowment funds in conjunction with ACF's statewide charitable funds. As affiliates gain a better understanding of the causes that are most important to their communities, they recommend grants to local nonprofits and lead efforts to support organizations within their communities. Through the affiliates, donors also can establish funds in support of local causes they care about.

The grant will enable ACF to provide new resources to affiliates, including a local part-time program manager for each community who will provide ongoing operational, administrative, and executive support, as well as incentives for each community’s unrestricted grantmaking endowment fund and the creation of new operating endowment funds. Over the next four years, up to $185,000 in matching funds will be available for each affiliate, with Rasmuson and ACF providing a one-to-one match for every dollar raised in affiliate communities.

"Encouraging and supporting philanthropy across Alaska is central to the mission of Rasmuson Foundation," said Rasmuson president and CEO Diane Kaplan. "We hope that this new investment in our partnership with the Alaska Community Foundation and its affiliates will expand charitable giving at the local level and increase the effectiveness of dedicated volunteers who are working to make life better for Alaskans in communities large and small."

"Rasmuson Foundation Announces $5M Grant to the Alaska Community Foundation." Rasmuson Foundation Press Release 01/20/2017.