Rasmuson Foundation, Family Award $24 Million to Anchorage Museum

The Rasmuson Foundation has announced a $12 million grant, to be matched by members of the Rasmuson family, to the Anchorage Museum.

The largest grant ever awarded by the foundation will support an expansion of the museum's Rasmuson Center, adding approximately twenty-five thousand square feet to the museum and increasing both its permanent and temporary gallery space. The expansion will include as much as six thousand square feet devoted to Sydney Laurence, Eustace Ziegler, and other Alaska masters; the Mary Louise and Elmer Rasmuson Study Room, featuring the Rasmuson family collection of Leon Gaspard paintings; a grand entrance gallery featuring landscape paintings of the North; smaller, intimate galleries for works from the museum's collection; and a patron's lounge named for Lile, Judy, and Ed Rasmuson.

"Elmer and Mary Louise Rasmuson were instrumental in the creation and growth of the museum," said Rasmuson Foundation president Diane Kaplan. "From its inception, to their first contributions, to the legacy left from their estates, Elmer and Mary Louise were convinced of the benefits that a museum would bring to Anchorage and Alaska. To this day, the Rasmuson family has great involvement with the museum. This grant, and its significance in the foundation's history, extend and honor that family legacy."

"Foundation Makes Largest Grant In Its History for Museum Expansion." Rasmuson Foundation Press Release 01/11/2016.