REAM, Milken Institute Launch Misophonia Grant Program

REAM, Milken Institute Launch Misophonia Grant Program

The REAM Foundation, in partnership with the Milken Institute Center for Strategic Philanthropy, has announced the launch of a grant program dedicated to misophonia research and the development of new treatments.

Misophonia is a little-known condition in which specific sounds or other sensory stimuli lead to strong physical and emotional responses. Some studies have found that as many as one in five individuals with the condition report strong feelings of disgust, rage, or anxiety in response to specific sounds such as the sound of other people chewing. According to the foundation, the condition leaves many people unable to attend school or maintain social relationships.

Through the program, the foundation will award five to ten research grants a year of up to $400,000 in support of efforts to study the condition, develop diagnostic tools, and assess treatment approaches. The Milken Institute also has developed a Giving Smarter Guide that details current knowledge about misophonia and is offering that information to organizations working with families and patients suffering from the condition.

"We are committed to accelerating progress toward misophonia treatments and ultimately a cure," said REAM Foundation co-founder Steve Miller. "There is great potential in the field, particularly in the promise of early researchers and their work. We aim to inspire more scientists in the fields of neurology, psychology, and audiology to study misophonia. We are filled with hope and confidence that answers are out there."

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