Report Calls for Private-Sector Support in Building Urban Resilience

While cities committed to building resilience are actively working to boost their capacity to survive, adapt to, and grow despite chronic stresses and acute shocks, service providers and private-sector investors are needed to bridge the gap in capacity, a report from the 100 Resilient Cities network argues.

The report, 100RC: Catalyzing the Urban Resilience Market (HTML or 23 pages, PDF), identifies four major areas of opportunity — water management, including risks associated with flooding, water pollution, and water shortages; big data management; innovative financing to support risk management projects; and technologies for community engagement. The report highlights twenty urban resilience strategies that cities in the Rockefeller Foundation-supported 100RC network have published to date, the collaborations 100RC has developed with its partner firms, and the need for further solutions and investments from the private sector.

With half the world's population expected to be living in water-stressed areas by 2025, the report notes that a variety of water management strategies are being pursued, including multi-purpose green infrastructure, adaptive waterfront development, and floating structures. Moreover, nearly all cities in the 100RC network see "Smart City" technologies as critical to their efforts to build resilience, with many also seeking to develop more creative and forward-looking insurance and risk management models.

"One thing is clear — cities can formulate policies and learn from one another, but resilient cities can only be built with collaboration from the private sector," the report concludes. "We have already witnessed rapid uptake of the initial resilience products that companies have brought to market in response to the demands of our cities...[and] thinking and planning 'at city-scale' will become ever-more important, with an ever-growing market for the most optimal and scalable solutions to pressing urban challenges."

"100RC: Catalyzing the Urban Resilience Market." 100 Resilient Cities Report 01/17/2017.