Richard King Mellon Foundation Awards $22 Million to University of Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh has announced a three-year, $22 million grant — one of the largest in its history — from the Richard King Mellon Foundation in support of the Center for Energy in its Swanson School of Engineering.

Established in 2008, the center is dedicated to improving energy technology development and sustainability. To that end, its staff of more than seventy pursues studies in energy delivery and efficiency, advanced materials for complex energy technologies, carbon management, and energy diversification.

The grant, which is intended to bolster the center's position as a leader in energy research, will be used to create faculty positions and graduate fellowships, establish a fund for innovative research, and support infrastructure and operating costs.

"Energy will be the defining technical, social, and political issue of the next century," said Gerald D. Holder, U.S. Steel Dean of Engineering at Pitt. "While there are enormous pressures to reduce energy consumption, there will continue to be significant growth in the worldwide demand for energy. The gap between energy consumption and energy production must be met by advances in energy-related technologies, improvements in energy efficiencies, diversification of energy sources to reduce the impact of carbon-based fuels, and training of the scientific and engineering workforce to create the technologies that will address these issues."