Rockefeller Foundation Announces Second Cohort of Resilient Cities

Rockefeller Foundation Announces Second Cohort of Resilient Cities

The Rockefeller Foundation has announced thirty-five new cities selected to join its 100 Resilient Cities Network.

Chosen from more than three hundred cities in ninety-four countries, the second cohort of Resilient cities will receive funds to hire a chief resilience officer responsible for coordinating and overseeing resilience activities in his or her city, engaging stakeholders, and ensuring that resilience is a city-wide priority. Each city also will receive support for the chief resilience officer and his or her team to develop a resilience plan; access to technical assistance from private- and nonprofit-sector partners; and membership in the resilient cities network.

Joining the first cohort of thirty-two cities announced in December 2013 are cities across six continents, including Accra (Ghana), Amman (Jordan), Bengaluru (India), Cali (Colombia), Huangshi (China), Kigali (Rwanda), Paris (France), Santiago de los Caballeros (Dominican Republic), Thessaloniki (Greece), Wellington (New Zealand), and Dallas and St. Louis.

"With the addition of the thirty-five new cities, the 100 Resilient Cities Network will now impact more than seven hundred million people across the globe," said Rockefeller Foundation president Judith Rodin in a blog post. "[T]hat means one-fifth of the world's urban population now lives in a city that is a part of the 100 Resilient Cities Network."

For a complete list of the new cities in the network, visit the Rockefeller Foundation website.

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