Rockefeller Foundation awards $1.5 million for antiracist research

Rockefeller Foundation awards $1.5 million for antiracist research

The Rockefeller Foundation has announced a two-year, $1.5 million grant to Boston University in support of the university's new Center for Antiracist Research.

The grant will support the center's efforts to build a Racial Data Tracker that visualizes and analyzes racial inequities in America. An early funder of the center, which was launched in June, the foundation is committed to helping low-income Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPoC) benefit from the center's efforts to mitigate the effects of historically discriminatory policies through research, narrative engagement with stakeholders and the general public, and advocacy.

"Racism is finally at or near the top of America's agenda," said Otis Rolley III, senior vice president of the foundation's U.S. Equity and Economic Opportunity Initiative. "The racial wealth gap in America is both striking and durable, as a result of systemic racist policies and practices. It takes wealth to make wealth, and Black and Brown Americans have largely been excluded from inter-generational access to capital and finance. The Center for Antiracist Research will help provide solutions to these systemic issues that have long restricted BIPoC people from obtaining wealth and will work toward equity and justice for all....We are thrilled to be working with the center — built in the very halls where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once studied — on practical solutions to these issues."

(Photo credit: Humphrey Muleba/Unsplash)

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