Rockefeller Foundation Awards $2.2 Million for New Orleans 'Rebuilding' Fellowships

Rockefeller Foundation Awards $2.2 Million for New Orleans 'Rebuilding' Fellowships

The New York City-based Rockefeller Foundation has announced a $2.2 million grant to fund a series of fellowships designed to advance the redevelopment process in New Orleans.

To be administered by the Center for Urban Redevelopment Excellence at the University of Pennsylvania, the Rockefeller Foundation Redevelopment Fellowships will enable key redevelopment organizations in New Orleans to recruit urban redevelopment professionals from New Orleans and around the country to work on the rebuilding of the city. The center expects to recruit fifteen fellows for new jobs with participating organizations that are already implementing public/private redevelopment projects. In addition to facilitating job placements, the program will offer specialized classroom training, national site visits, and professional development and network-building activities.

To implement the program, the center is collaborating with the Department of Planning and Urban Studies at the University of New Orleans and Nancy Montoya, the New Orleans-based community development manager at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, who will serve as the fellowship program's local liaison.

"The Rockefeller Foundation's New Orleans Fellowships will allow us to attract the best and brightest urban development professionals, so that the city can accelerate its recovery and rebuilding efforts," said Rockefeller Foundation president Judith Rodin. "The need is great and the task complex. Recruiting top-notch talent will guarantee that the rebuilding efforts are undertaken with the highest degree of professionalism and urgency."

For a complete list of organizations participating in the program, visit the Rockefeller Foundation Web site.